Baroque Noir

Songs for mezzo soprano

Members of the Lutesong Consort present a programme of Italian, German and English Baroque songs for mezzo soprano composed over a variety of bass ostinato patterns. These compositions are often haunting, hypnotic or melancholy in character, in support of some of the deepest, darkest, most profound and heartfelt poetry found in the literature. This beautifully crafted programme features masterpieces by H. Purcell such as the famous ‘Dido’s Lament’ and ‘O, solitude’ as well as interesting examples of chaconnes and passacaglias by J.P. Krieger, T. Merula and C. Monteverdi. The songs are interspersed with atmospheric solos for viola da gamba by C.F. Abel and J. de Saint Colombe and a rather jaunty one for the guitar by G. Sanz.

With Lente Louw (mezzo soprano), Rosamund Ender (viola da gamba) and Uwe Grosser (lute, Baroque guitar).

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