From Court to Cottage

'(Dowland) has the quality of arresting any listener with a directness and grace that takes our breath away still today, aligning us with the men, animals, plants and stones that were said to weep or dance, or both, when Orpheus sang to his instrument.' - Emma Kirkby

Lutesong Consort pays homage to the undisputed master of the lute song, John Dowland (1563–1626). Four singers, lute, and viola da gamba present some of Dowland’s most iconic songs in a programme showcasing his innovative mix of vibrant Renaissance dance rhythms and exquisite melancholy. In a South African first, the songs are sung in OP, or original pronunciation. This flavourful dialect goes a long way towards “dethroning” our concept of Elizabethan court music being stately and formal. It not only forges closer ties between poet, singer, and audience, but leads to fresh, characterful interpretations of songs we have been singing for centuries.

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