Lutesong Patrons

Thank you to our patrons, who support everything we are, and all we strive to be!

Ivory Archlute Patrons (R5000 and more)

Rupert Music Foundation
Kutz Family Trust
Ilse Andrag
Anneke Hesseling

Ebony Chitarrone Patrons (R2000 and more)

Maren Stallman
Suzette Vorster Photography
Jerzy Gołek

Yew wood lute patron (R1000 and more)

Friend of Lutesong (any donation or payment in kind)

Quando Wines
Birds.i Design
Johan van der Merwe
Alrich Rooy
Elisha Zeeman-Knoesen

If you would like to find out more about our patronage system, please view our options and benefits here.


Contact us

We tailor-make concert programmes for any event. Send us a note and we will get back to you soon, or become a Lutesong Patron. Click here for benefits.